Day 1 in Bangkok Complete

To our pleasant surprise, breakfast was included with our hotel. Little did we know, the Thai eat rice, noodles, and curry not only at lunch and dinner, but at breakfast too.

We began the day heading for Bangkok’s famous Koh San Road–a street lined with open air markets, restaurants, and street food. We stopped to have our feet cleaned by some Thai fish along the way. For some reason the fish were much more attracted to Elai’s feet. Not gonna lie, a little offended but I get it I need a pedi and she’s got shellac–fair enough.


We then headed for the Golden Buddha by foot without a map: major rookie move. After an hour and a half of walking, a run-in with a local ended in us realizing we were in the complete wrong direction and him sending us on in a tuk tuk to go on a boat ride instead.


We took a one hour long boat ride around the Bangkok’s canal system and it really is the Venice of Asia. We boated by what we thought were kimoto dragons at the time but later found out were called water monitors–beyond creepy. At this point we had warmed up to the idea of tuk tuks so much so that we decided to take one for a 20 minute to get to the other side of the city.

We threw down at Crossfit Bangkok and got our WOD on with some locals–not to mention our team won the workout nbd. Finished the night off with a group dinner and dranks on the very live Kho San Road despite multiple offers to end the night with a ping pong show..

Kanchanaburi bound tomorrow!



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