Day 2: Bangkok to Kanchanaburi

Kicked off the day right with our first hotel WOD.


Our first Thai public transit adventure began first thing on a 3 hour bus from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi. Let me just say that I’m sorry Megabus for ever complaining about you.

We checked into our lovely hotel located on the outskirts of town just across from the river surrounded by lush foliage. After Pad Thai at the hotel
restaurant we set off on our multi-stop rickshaw tour of Katchanaburi.


Spotted on the Bridge on the River Kwai: a monk on his smartphone. I was under the impression they renounced all material possessions but hey I guess times are changing.

After dinner we headed to the town’s night market. The markets are full of clothing, jewelry, food, and completely random paraphernalia. One item that is especially abundant is graphic t-shirts–it is quite funny to see their interpretation of “English” graphic ts. One read “I’m Difficulp” and others had “Topshop” or “Forever XXI” slapped across the chest–clearly some things were lost in translation.

The last stop of the night was a bar named “Get Drunk for 10THB”. 10THB is the equivalent of $0.30 Canadian and that bought you one stiff mixed drink. Bargain hunted.


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