Day 3: Hellfire Pass & Erawan Falls

The morning started at the Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum where we learned more about the use of POWs to build the death railway from Burma to Thailand during WWII.


This was followed up by a walk down Hellfire Pass itself–an infamous leg of the death railway known for the danger and difficulty of construction.


We spent the afternoon at the beautiful tiered Erawan Falls. The falls have seven “levels” and are accessible via a pretty rigorous one hour hike not for the faint of heart. The path is less than paved and felt more like bouldering at times than hiking. We also learned that awareness of cheaky monkeys was clutch after one tried to snatch Elai’s backpack.


We took a dip at the top to cool off and then returned to our favourite level to hang out in the waterfall. The water was another opportunity for a natural exfoliant, as it was filled with fish that nibbled at your bottom half. The only difference was these ones were the size of my foot.



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