Day 5: Chiang Mai

We pulled into Chiang Mai at 8 am and by 10 we were on a 4 hour bike tour. Our guide Tukta was the cutest Thai girl who led us through Chiang Mai’s beautiful countryside. We biked through the forests and beside fields of crops like rice and kale, making stops along the way at a number of temples. Our guide was saying to us that regular Buddhists live by five rules but the monks we have seen everywhere must abide by 227 rules. Too much room for error for my liking.


We also stopped along the way by a river. A man came out to greet us and handed us what looked like Thai rice cakes–we immediately all started munching on it until we saw him start feeding it to catfish in the water. We had all just eaten fish food. To our relief we learned it was in fact okay to eat and the horror subsided. Everyone warns you to watch what you eat so accidentally eating catfish food is pretty traumatic.


Stopped at a little spot on the side of the road for our best meal thus far! This famous Chiang Mai coconut curry based soup knocked Sinfully Asian’s spicy laksa out of the park.


Later we explored the city centre which is enclosed on all sides by a giant brick wall. Let me just say that there is no shortage of temples anywhere in Thailand but they haven’t gotten old yet, each one is so intricate and ornate in its own unique way.


Prior to my trip I had zero clue that the Thai transsexual community was so bumpin. We ended the night with a Thai Cabaret show and let me tell you these “ladyboys” as they call them can dance! The show was “heaps” entertaining as my new Aussie friends would say. One of the stars even came into the audience and got right up in my grill.


Off to the mountains for a trek to the hill tribe villages and will post upon my return. Happy New Year!


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