Day 8: Emily Steps Foot in the Kitchen

Yep you heard it here first, I went out on a limb, put an apron on and tried my hand at cooking. Though I was the obvious weakest link in the class after my poor chopping skills were exposed, I still had a great time.


We cooked four dishes: coconut chicken soup, pad Thai, masoman curry, and spring rolls–all very tasty. And we even got to have a Thai cookbook if I so choose to continue on the path to chefdom. I have to admit though the class was my kind of cooking–go to fry up some pad Thai, come back to the cutting board to find the dishes have been done and new ingredients laid out for me.



Finished the day off with a one hour Thai massage to get loosened up before another night train. One hr= $6, not too shabby. Thai massages are a little more rough and tumble than what I am used to; they are not afraid to use their feet and give you a smack here and there, literally.

And back to Bangkok on another overnight train.


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