Day 11&12: Koh Samui

We arrived in Koh Samui around midday and were able to soak in the sun for the entire afternoon on the beautiful beach. I enjoyed a pedicure on the beach for the small price of 100THB ( approx $3)–she didn’t even cringe at the state of my feet which was an added bonus.


Dinner was on the beach at a place called Swing Bar. All the seats at the bar are swings, so fun! After dinner we enjoyed a few bevvies on the beach while we watched the fire show. After the big shots performed the 9 year old pictured below put on a show for us and told us about how he recently won a competition on the island.




For our second day in Samui a few of the girls and myself joined an excursion to Angthong National
Marine Park–a park composed of 42 small islands located 1.5 hours from Samui by ferry. We scored the best seats in the house for the ferry on the top deck where there were mattresses for us to lay and tan. We kayaked through caves, swam on some remote beaches, and completed a rigorous climb to a lookout of an unreal view of the marine park. Literally paradise.



We took a plunge off the top deck of the boat and were on our way back to Samui, catching rays all the while of course.


We have a new tour guide for the Southern leg of the tour and his favourite sayings are “same same but different”–to describe two similar or more commonly two completely different things–and “oh my Buddha”, the Thai version of “oh my god”.


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