Day 13: Khao Sak National Park

We arrived by Songtaew to our jungle bungalow mid afternoon just in time for a quick dip on the pool.




We were scheduled to go “canoeing” for the rest of the afternoon around the river that runs through the national park. Naturally, I pictured wooden Langford canoes and reminisced about the shoulder fatigue that characterized my canoe trips around Kenesis as a kid. Luckily the Thai definition of canoeing is having a local guide paddle an inflatable raft with a kayak paddle. This made the experience significantly more relaxing, though I did take a few turns paddling. We stopped along the way to feed fish that would jump out of the water to fight for the food and to swing off a Tarzan style rope into the water–I opted out given the water you were supposed to drop 7 ft into was waist deep.


Elai and I did a 12 min AMRAP of lunge walks to combine working out and exploring the grounds of our resort.


We had din din at our hotel that was both delish and merited 10/10 for presentation.


Our tour buddy Josie, Elai, and I got up early the next morning for a trail run through the jungle of Khao Sak National Park. Hills and humidity made for my running nightmare but the scenery made up for it.


Mom and dad you should be proud, as I am finally the person that is getting told “I’m so jealous you just tan straight away without burning”. Can you believe it? All those years of 3rd degree burns in Cabo have finally smartened me up and taught me the perfect tanning formula and how to not be the most burnt person on the trip: lots of SPF 8.


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