Day 20: Uncovering Ubud

Our ambitious plan to go to 6am yoga didn’t quite pan out–underestimated the effects of a 15 hr travel day. We moved hotels first thing to be closer to the town centre and diversify our accommodation experience in Bali. Our new place is just off the main road in Ubud but far enough that it’s quiet and picturesque!


After checking in we hit up breaky at Kafe, another place recommended to us yesterday. I had pesto and parmesan scrambled eggs, om nom nom.


We then headed to our afternoon silversmith class. Here we were able to pick a design from pages and pages of pictures and create it with the help of the staff at the studio. Elai made a rooster ring (our zodiac) and I made a pendant of a sign that is quite popular in Bali! Despite a few hiccups–me consistently cutting the wire too long/short and Elai stamping Ubud 2013 on her ring–the staff was extremely patient and our pieces turned out fab.



For the rest of the afternoon we wandered and shopped the streets of Ubud that are lined with great shops–jewelry, yoga wear, and bags galore. One of my favourite parts about Ubud so far is that almost every single house or hotel has an entrance fit for a temple! So intricate–they really don’t build things like they used to.


For dinner we headed to a spot we had walked by earlier in the day. We split on a couple appys and mains: curry fries with coconut lime dipping sauce, fish tempura and banana avocado sauce, pork tenderloin, and duck breast.


Finished off the night with a WOD:
50 Rounds for Time of
-1 burpee
-1 push-up
-1 jumping jack
-1 sit-up
-1 handstand kickup


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