Day 21: Bali by Bicycle

After some extensive trip advisor research, we settled on a bike tour of rural Ubud as our activity of choice for the day. Our first stop was at this beautiful view of the rice terraces. I picked out the fellow Canadians in our group immediately by the girls Lululemon apparel–super nice couple from Calgary.


Next stop was breakfast over looking a volcano by the lake. Super yummy smorgasbord with one of the top watermelon juices of the trip!


We then stopped at a coffee plantation where we learned about the process of brewing the specialty Lewak coffee. Coffee beans are fed to a ferret like animal and then the Lewak’s feces is dissected to collect the fermented beans which are then used to make the coffee. This “shitty” coffee goes for £40/cup in England!

We also got a delicious sampler of a big variety of teas and coffee. My favs: vanilla coffee and pandanus tea.


Made a stop at the rice fields to see how the Balinese harvest their rice. Most of these workers are women that work for rice rather than money from the land owner so that they can spend the money her husband makes on something other than rice.


The whole bike ride was nothing short of beautiful and the last leg of the ride was pretty physically demanding. Made our delicious lunch all the better–roasted duck, satay chicken, peanut tofu, and Balinese veggies. The whole tour was super well done–highly recommend if you’re ever in Bali (Bali Budaya Tours).


At the end of the tour we got dropped off at Ubud’s famous Monkey Forest. I could have spent hours at this places, hundreds of monkeys everywhereeee. The babies were the cutest! As you can see below the monkeys do have klepto tendencies.



Ended the day with a bit of shopping and saw this gem and thought of Casey–you can say this at Parsons to all of your upper east side classmates.



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