Day 22: To Infinity and Beyond

From the moment I started researching Bali I knew that the Hanging Gardens were a must do in Ubud. Pictures of this luxury hotel’s famous infinity pool are literally everywhere on Pinterest and it wasn’t long before the place ended up on my travel bucket list.

We got off to an early start and set off for breakfast at the Hanging Gardens Resort. It is about a 30 minute drive from Ubud centre literally in the middle of the jungle.

This place is the epitome of luxury–wooden cable cars to transport guests around the resort, private pools at every villa, and of course the most amazing infinity pool I’ve ever stepped foot in. Rooms here start at something like $450/night I believe.

We enjoyed a delicious breakfast buffet with an unreal view. I did my very best to act as though I was a trust fund baby who could actually afford to be staying there. BTW if you want extensive details on what I’ve been eating check out Elai’s blog, she is def the food blogger of the two of us–but check it out either way:


After eating breakfast we headed to the MOST AMAZING POOL I HAVE EVER SWAM IN IN MY LIFE. This gorgeous two tiered infinity pool looks out onto the surrounding jungle valley. Beyond cool. And the best part is the swanky wealthy guests are way too classy for swimming so Elai and I had the pool all to ourselves! This made our extensive photoshoot way less awkward for everyone.


When we got back into town we set out on a walk we had heard about from our tour guide. A few wrong turns and we wound up on a narrow path in the jungle. Eventually we ran into some locals who kindly led us towards the rice paddies we were trying to see. We got to take the scenic route (walking across the rice paddies vs on the concrete path we had tried to find). The Balinese man could barely speak English at all but the one thing he did get out was “be careful, snakes” so that pretty much set us off sprinting across the rice paddies until we safely reached the comfort of concrete.


We spent the rest of the day doing the rest of the local shops we had missed and trying to hit every food joint in Bali that we thought warranted a visit. The food scene in Bali is literally unrealllll–so paleo friendly and yummy–4 days was simply not enough time for us to hit all the gems but we did our best today. Highlights were the Living Food Lab “conscious eating experiment” (totally raw local and vegan) and Bali Buda (see food mantra below.



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