Day 25-26: Obstacle Course to Auckland

We woke up yesterday morning to what looked like Hurricane Katrina relative to the beautiful weather we had been enjoying. Greatttt the boat was horrific enough in perfect weather let alone a storm. We decided to work out to get our mind off all the possible scenarios from the boat being cancelled to the boat capsizing.

The boat did end up running it’s regular route with us on it, eyes clenched shut and headphones blaring to avoid cardiac arrest. Made the mistake of opening my eyes once and was scarred for the rest of the ride–thank god it was just forty minutes.

We set off on our long travel day/night to Auckland but not without one more small hiccup.

We had a four hour layover in Sydney and we arrived at our gate early–one hour prior to takeoff–to exchange our boarding passes for Air New Zealand ones. To our surprise, the lady at the desk said “I’m sorry but it seems as though you don’t have a ticket booked to leave New Zealand. You’re going to need a ticket or you will not be leaving Sydney today.”

This was a rather large wrench in the scheduled plans. We got on our phones and started trying to book flights for 30 mins with no luck due to shotty wifi. We ran back to the lady and asked if there were computers in the airport and she directed us towards some saying we had literally ten minutes until final boarding call. We ran (yes like those crazies you see in airports after being paged over the loudspeaker) to the computers and attempted to book again but the site was glitching. My final resolution: take a picture of the sidebar that looks like a subtotal you would receive upon payment and fake it til you make it baby. Luckily for us it worked like a charm and we were able to book the flights for real upon landing in Auckland. Nothing like a lil adrenaline rush before a flight.

In the end we arrived in Auckland safe and sound, had a wonderful dinner at a Cajun tapas bar and did a short walking tour of the major landmarks.





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