Day 27: Auckland & Around

We slept long and hard, through the alarms, after our long travel day and finally meandered out of bed close to 11. We set off to complete the Coast to Coast Walkway–a 16km walk across the city of Auckland and it’s suburbs.

After navigating Auckland’s public transit system and a few wrong turns we eventually found our way to the marked path. It should be noted that the markers were FAR from blatant at times, sometimes completely absent, microscopic, or far above/below eye level but we used our own map to compliment poorly marked path.

The walk was looong but lots of great views along the way.

The real One Tree Hill


View of Auckland from the top of Mt. Eden


Giant crater on the top of Mt. Eden (it’s a dormant volcano). One trip advisor review I read was a man warning other tourists to NOT follow his footsteps and be tempted go in the crater as it was painfully difficult to exit ha.


In Auckland’s prettiest park: the Auckland Domain. This place is massive and super diverse, gardens, greenhouses, cricket pitches, museums, you name it.


We spent the later afternoon in one of Auckland’s hippest inner city suburbs: Ponsonby. The streets are lined with cute boutiques and food joints, think Colonial Chelsea Market. We had super yummy build your own ice cream sammies!


We had a dinner at a Malaysian place that made Auckland’s top 10 cheap eats list and Sinfully Asian got outdone again–best. laksa. ever.



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