Day 28: Auckland to Kerikeri

Got up for an early morning run to Victoria Park, an awesome inner city park/rugby/cricket field where people are getting their sweat on all day long.

Checked out of our hostel and ran into ANOTHER person from home–too crazy. I played rugby with her for Lindsay and she is living and working at the hostel we were staying at. God I’ve run into more people on this trip than I do during one Fenelon Sobeys trip.

Did a final exploration walk along Auckland; I walked the entire Viaduct Basin, the central harbour downtown.



Got coffee on the Princes Wharf and thoroughly enjoyed their clever marketing. They also had a sign that said “Sorry Free Beer Was Yesterday”.


Boarded our first NakedBus of the trip–we bought a 19-trip pass that let’s you go anywhere within their vast network of stops throughout NZ for $300! Got picked up by Casey’s friend Nadia from Kerikeri who has so kindly offered to host us for the weekend and show us around the Bay of Islands.

Nadia lives on a lovely piece of property in the country of property off a back road that reminds me of home a lil bit! Their family has ducks and extensive home gardens and try and eat off the land as much as possible–so cool. Was amazing to have our first home cooked meal in a month!


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