Day 32-33: KK –> Tauranga

We said goodbye to Nadia and her fam jam yesterday morn and they dropped us off downtown on their way to work. We did a workout in the public park to kill some time before boarding our next naked bus–so hard. Complicated to explain, see Elai’s blog for deets but all you need to know is: stairs, burpees, running, and psycho seagulls.


One long 9 hour bus ride later and we arrived to Tauranga, jumped through some hoops, and settled into our hostel.

We got up this morning and caught the bus to Mount Maunganui, a local landmark. We climbed to the summit and took in the beauty views of the surrounding oceans, beaches, and greenery to the tune of many iconic New Zealand sheep bahhing excessively.




After the two hour round trip climb we took a well deserved lay out on the beach. Ultimate beach weather I tell you, super sunny with a breeze just strong enough to keep cool enough to avoid the freezing ocean. The beach is quite popular for surfers and we saw about 40 set out for a late afternoon ride.


Walked the streets of the Mt Maunganui area for a bit and hit up a Mexican place for din din. Just so happened to be 2 for 1 mains–backpackers dream–and had some of the best calamari of my liiiiife. Called the Barrio Bros if you’re ever in town! Tons of cute little shops too home, clothes, cafes etc.


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