Day 34: Rotorua

We had been warned about the smell of this place but nothing quite prepares you for a whole town that smells undeniably like rotten eggs as soon as you drive into the vicinity. Your nose does adjust luckily.

We rolled in around noon and got settled at our next hostel. We set off for the afternoon to walk around the town and it’s landmarks. The walk began through the Government Gardens. The building pictured below was originally a tourist attraction where people would flock to to take thermal baths from all over the world to cure their ills. Today it serves as a museum.


We continued our walk to the local thermal park. Rotorua is famous for its status as a “thermal city” and for good reason. As you walk down the streets there are bubbling geysers at every turn. The thermal park displays a number of these thermal hotspots, mud pools, and geysers in a tastefully landscaped manner.


Every Thursday Rotorua hosts a night market on the Main Street and we decided this would be a perfect venue for dinner–so right. We tried to sample as many different things from different vendors as we could. Nom nom nom–details on Elai’s blog to come.

Finished the night off with a creative playground WOD.

3 rounds for time of:
10 burpee picnic bench jumps
1 rock climb
1 slide climb
10 paralette push throughs
1 chain walk
20 mountain climbers
5 pull-ups
1 zipper
1 spider web climb
Partner carry back to the start

*one partner does air squats while the other does the assigned station movement and then you switch*



Cool down: teeter totter


Kids in a candy shop I tell you.


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