Day 35: Rotorua–>Taupo

Started off the day right with one of the finest eggs bennies I’ve ever had at a cute lil cafe called Picnic.


We were supposed to go to the thermal wonderland nearby but the tour was full so instead we decided to try our hand at zorbing. I didn’t get any pics on my phone but see the google image below for a visual depiction of what zorbing is–rolling down a small ski hill in an inflatable ball half filled with water.


Such a time and a half. This is the original zorb and has sparked spinoffs all over the world.

We took it down a notch and spent the afternoon at the lovely Polynesian Spa–an iconic thermal hot pool spot in Rotorua. There was four different natural pools that were 36, 38, 40, and 42 degrees respectively.



Caught the bus this eve to Taupo and chilled out around the hostel, perhaps our best one yet! Also side note, met a guy at our hostel this morn that was running his 91st marathon tomorrow! This guy looked no older than 30 and says he averages 12/year and hopes to run one in every state and every continent.


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