Day 38: Wandering Wellington

Proceed with caution, this post is lengthier than most, Wellington had so much room for activities today! It really is the “cutest little capital”.

Elai and I got up and went for a jog around the city this morn. I’ve come to appreciate running as a great method of exploration in new places. Wellington is a pretty small and concentrated city with a population of only 200,000 in the downtown and 400,000 when the greater area is included. Needless to say it’s pretty easy to cover but there is so much to see.


We kicked off the day at the famous Te Papa museum. This place is massive, 6 floors high, with exhibits on everything from giant squid, Maori culture, to fashion. Speaking of which, my favourite exhibit was hands down the limited time WOW installation (World of Wearable Art). WOW is a contest for designers all over the world to push the limits of fashion. Winning applicants will have their work displayed in the annual WOW theatrical production in Wellington. Most of these designs are something Lady Gaga would die to wear.

Dress made entirely of seashells.


Piece from the Bizarre Bras section of the show.


This laser-cut dress was inspired by the famous ink-blot test of the 20s used in psych to determine personality traits.


Okay I couldn’t help document this. The NZ McDonald’s Gods literally had me in mind when they cooked up this menu item: deep fried macaroni bites. That’s right, heaven hidden in a McNugget box. I saw these advertised at the beginning of the trip and put off buying them until later only to realize they were being pulled from every location as they ran out. So basically I’m pretty sure this is the only franchise with these bites left and I couldn’t risk missing out #FOMO.


After this we headed up Wellington’s historic cable car to the Botanical Gardens. Great view from the top and gorgeous gardens, especially lovely rose garden!



Before heading to dinner we went for a wander by the NZ parliament buildings. Wellington is the capital of NZ despite most people assuming it is Auckland.


We popped into the National Library on a whim to look around and wandered into the coolest exhibition on New Zealand innovation. The exhibit displayed past national inventions and highlighted some very cool up and coming people and companies that are doing some super cool innovative work.


Last but certainly not least we wandered into the New Zealand Rugby Union office! The reception area was filled with All Blacks memorabilia and their prized trophy case–too cool. We also got the low down on where to stand for the Wellington 7s Parade–the opening ceremony so to speak for the HSBC 7s tourney taking place this weekend in Wellington.


Finished the night with dinner, gelato, and a walk around the waterfront. Wellington won me over pretty quickly.


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