Day 41: Picton–>Nelson

In an effort to save on my two most precious resources, time and money, I took the red eye ferry from Wellington to Picton (first stop on the South Island). I got into Picton early in the morning and had a few hours to kill before my bus came so I went for a stroll around the town and then on a one hour walk out to a spot called Bob’s Bay.


Picton is part of the area called the Malborough Sounds. The scenery out on the water here is gorgeous.


I arrived at my hostel in Nelson around 4:30 and spent the evening exploring the town and it’s surroundings. Below is the Queen’s Gardens, a beautiful park on the outskirts of the quaint little town.


I finished the night off with a hike to what is regarded as “the centre of New Zealand” by most land surveyors. The monument sits at the top of a hill from which the views of Nelson and the area are unrealllll.


Early start tomorrow and off to Franz Josef.


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