Getting Settled in Brisbane!

Wow, it hasn’t even been a week and I’m back at it like a crack addict (with lots of cool info to report I promise!).

I spent my first day in Brisbane doing lots of boring administrative stuff like setting up a bank account, getting my student ID etc. etc. Saturday morning I did a tour with an organization called Greeters Wordlwide that I had read about in a magazine on one of our flights. Essentially it is a tour provided by a local for free. We started at City Hall (pictured below) and toured around some of Brisbane’s best museums and down to South Bank. It was a great tour free of charge; the same organization runs tours in a ton of major cities across the world!


I didn’t get my new house until yesterday so on Saturday I headed to Lismore to visit with Courtney and get my bags she so kindly brought to Aussie with her! We had a fun night out to Lismore’s hottest nightclub and I had my first introduction to the only affordable alcohol in Australia–“goon”, really awful boxed wine. Desperate times, desperate measures.

We spent all day Sunday in Byron Bay and it was absolutely amazing. I’ve been to a LOT of beaches over the past 6 weeks and I gotta say this one was my favourite. Huge bonus points were awarded for quality of sand, water temperature, the funnest waves ever, and a cute neighbouring town.


Tuesday morning I arranged to meet my landlord at the house I was to move into. I was praying and praying that this “Irma” was a real person and that the house would all pan out given that I had arranged everything over the internet. Luckily everything went fine and I spent the day getting settled in to my new room. The house is a 10 bedroom–shared with all students. There are a handful of people from Brazil (there is some new scholarship from the Brazilian govt. that lets them study English here for free), one from Japan, one from the UK, and a couple Aussies. The house itself is a bit messy (expected with 10 students) but my room is the best room in the house and the location is perfect–a 15 min walk or 7 min bike to school. I managed to make it to campus to sort out a few things and attend my first rugby practice! Campus is absolutely beautiful and the rugby girls are great. I’m going to play in a 7s tournament with them next weekend.



One may assume I chose McGill and later UQ solely based on their resemblance to Hogwarts.


I can appreciate great athletic facilities!


One thing I don’t think I will ever get sick of: Brisbane’s public transport. There is a large river–the Brisbane River–that runs right through the middle of the city and as a result there is a high-speed ferry that runs from downtown to campus and just about anywhere else you could want to go. STM you got served.


Today I visited the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary with a couple of other Canadian girls I have met here! So much fun playing with koalas and kangaroos. Factoids of the day: Tasmanian Devils are the ugliest animal ever, many koalas have chlamydia, koalas are marsupials, and they have a very low starch & sugar diet which is the reason for them sleeping all the time (they have the best sleeping poses ever).

Koala kisses


I kind of felt like I was getting my high school graduation photo taken again. But koalas are so far superior to flowers!


Selfies with roo, he opted for the kissy face!


Joey in the pouch! The cutestttttt.


What chu lookin’ at??


Did my first grocery market at a fabulous farmers market downtown! Got some pretty great tropical fruit–lychee, white nectarines, and dragon fruit to name a few. Totally head over heels for the whole market scene from here on out.


One thought on “Getting Settled in Brisbane!

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your pics and commentary Em! Sat down to get caught up today – pretty sure your notices had been going into my junk folder and whenever I remembered to check your blog, I was NEVER near a device! Your trip just keeps getting better! Sky diving?? CRAZY! Inspired by your committment to WOD! And you’ve been coming up with some creative ones! Keep it up!

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