Paradise, Pub Crawls, and Pre-School Adventures

Last Thursday was our first night out in Brissie and after a few beverages we made an ambitious plan to meet at 9:30 the following morning to head to the Gold Coast. Bars don’t close until 5am here but luckily we made it home before that. 

The public transit in Brisbane has been great so far. There is a hefty student discount and after 9 trips in a week the rest of your trips that week are free. So we trained to the famous Surfers Paradise for free and spent the day hanging out on the beach, swimming, and indulging in Ben & Jerry’s.



Saturday I dragged my non-rugby friends along to my new rugby club’s annual “pub golf” day. Essentially a pub crawl where all participants dress up in golf attire. This event kicks off at 10AM! Fear not, I discovered many rugby traditions to be universal. Exhibit A: shooting the boot.


The day was so much fun and a great way to meet lots of people from the club. 

On Sunday we spent the afternoon soaking up the sun at South Bank and then got prepped for Gold Medal Game! We decided to go full out and head to the nearest local bar that said they would be playing the game. We spent the first two periods with a table of about 20 Canadian exchange students at the bar’s smaller location and then moved to their other location only to find 200 Canadians completely decked out in red and white, 50 or so even had jerseys on. 


Today I caught up with some errands and school orientation stuff. We headed to South Bank for dessert at the one and only Max Brenner and shared a delicious chocolate fondue and brownie sundae–to die for. Brisbane is so pretty at night, especially from the ferry!


Strolling through South Bank


Wheel of Brisbane


Nom nom nom




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