O-Week –> Noosa

Early in the week we had a lot of orientation events for school. Good thing because I was beginning to forget that that was the reason I was here. There was an event called “Market Day” where all the clubs at UQ (literally hundred) had stalls set up around the Great Court promoting their organization. ¬†Unfortunately I have schedule conflicts with the underwater rugby team but I am going to go out to the beach volleyball and sailing club practices when I can.

QUEST is UQ’s student club that organizes events and trips for international exchange students and they hosted a welcome party for all of us on Tuesday night in “the Valley” as they call it–Brisbane’s main night club district.


Thursday my 3 Canadian friends and English roommate and his friend decided to hit up the Sunshine Coast and head to one of Australia’s most well-know beaches–Noosa. The beach was absolutely incredible with perfect sand and water temperature. The beach is pretty well known for surfing so the boys decided to rent one for an hour.



Life is so good!


My friend Rose and I went for a walk along the coast to Dolphin’s Point–so beautiful. This is where the real hardcore surfers hang out.



One thought on “O-Week –> Noosa

  1. Boy, the little beach in FF is never going to cut it after all the gorgeous beaches you’ve seen this trip! Glad you’re settling in to school life so easily. Well, after-school life for now! When do classes start?

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