Last Weekend of Freedom

After a great two days in Noosa we took Friday night off to rest up for our big music festival the following day. On Saturday we convened at 10AM to start getting ready for Future Music Fest! We knew the music fest scene was big in Oz so we decided to dress the part and all sported flower headbands. Let me tell you, if there is ever a place to people watch it is at a music festival. The attitude of most people seems to be the less clothing the better—some people could make you feel modestly dressed in a bikini. 


We headed to the festival around noon and spent the entire day at the main stage listening to a wide variety of lesser-known artists. Macklemore kicked of the headliners around 5 but Hardwell had to be our favourite performance. One interesting thing we learned over the course of the day is the popularity of fake breasts among young Aussie girls. It was shocking; it literally seemed like one in every four girls had gone under the knife. One girl we spoke too who had to only be a couple years older than me had spent a whopping $24,000 on hers!! $9,000 in Thailand and $16,000 to fix them when she got back to Australia haha. A guy we met told us that a famous bar in Surfers Paradise had recently given away a pair of fake breasts as a door prize! So crazy.



On Sunday I dragged myself out of bed to be at school for 9AM to try out the UQ Sailing Club. We convened at the school pool and headed by car to a harbor about 40 minutes away. Getting started was a bit of a lengthy process because of the small number of experienced sailors relative to total people in attendance. Eventually we headed out on smaller boats to sail to a nearby island. I was on a small catamaran with five others—only one of whom knew what they were doing. Maria, our skipper, is on the sailing club exec and she taught us about sailing as we went and gave us each a turn skippering. All those days at Sturgeon Point Sailing Club were slowly but surely starting to come back to me! We hung out on the island for a bit and then headed back to shore and by that time it was 5PM—great way to spend a Sunday. We all went out for some delish fish and chips at a local joint to finish the day off.


I really enjoyed sailing so I decided to become a member and I also decided to sign up for their spring break trip, as most of my friends are going to New Zealand which I have already done. The trip sounds incredible though; it’s 7 days of sailing the Whitsunday Islands (off the coast of Queensland) with 30 students from the club in 3 different boats. The boats are big enough that we will be sleeping on them as well! I’m really looking forward to it and I’m just hoping I don’t have any critical responsibilities as a member of the crew or the vessel could be in grave danger.

Alas, Monday—the dreaded first day of class—came and went. It had been so long since I’ve been in the school groove, but avoiding class forever had to come to an end at some point. My first couple classes were okay, a little dry because the first week is a lot of administrative stuff. The environment at UQ on campus is great though, it’s a really lively and bustling campus. Given that it isn’t located in the heart of the city and you can find everything from a candy store to a dentist on campus, a lot of students spend their entire day on campus.


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