Hot Cities of the World Tour: Hong Kong-Jakarta-Bali

Now I know what you’re thinking… she’s going away AGAIN??? Let me assure you the purpose of this trip is PURELY academic. I mean why else would one want to go to Hong Kong, Jakarta, and Bali in this weather? In all seriousness, The Hot Cities of the World Tour is an accredited course for McGill management students that began in 2006 with a trip to Omaha to meet Warren Buffet. Every year since, Professor Karl Moore has taken students to emerging hotbeds of economy, commerce and culture–hence the slogan of the trip, taking the future to the future. Past destinations include: Israel, Abu Dhabi & Dubai, India, South Africa, Russia, and South Korea & Mongolia.

Throughout the trip we will be meeting with CEOs and other Sr Execs from leading MNCs and local firms to experience firsthand what it’s like to do business in these parts of the world. In addition, there is an important social component to our trip.

Indonesia has no official waste management system; most household trash and even commercial waste is picked up, sorted and resold by scavengers, trying to put their kids through school and support their families. As part of our Hot Cities Tour 2015, we will be visiting the XSProject in Jakarta, an organization that offers scavengers a steady income by purchasing their waste and turning it into hand-made products.

This video shows how they do it:
You can check out their website here:

Our goal is to raise $5000 to support the charity and improve the lives of trash pickers’ children in Indonesia. So far, we have raised $1250! Please share and donate here:…/hot-cities-xsproject/!



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