Biking the Bay

After another early breakfast I began to make my way towards the waterfront with plans to rent a bike for the rest of the day. I took a longer scenic route to check out a few of the areas I hadn’t seen yet like China Town and North Beach. SF is known for its many distinct neighbourhoods; simply crossing the street can throw you from one of the nicest parts of town to one of the worst. Another thing that sticks out in San Fran is the prominence of homelessness. Homelessness is a complex issue but some of the major contributing factors in SF seem to be drugs and gentrification resulting from the tech boom.

From the waterfront, I set out towards the Golden Gate Bridge along the National Bike path that follows the water. I was lucky enough to have a beautiful clear day with views unobstructed by the fog SF is famous for.

Shortly after the end of the bridge, I came into Sausalito—a posh little bay village frequented by tourists from the city. I parked my bike for an awesome burger at a local restaurant and a quick look in the village shops.

The man at the bike rental office recommended that I continue past Sausalito to Tiburon—the next town over—for a more authentic Bay Area experience. This advice proved true, as I was the only person on the bike path for my hour and a half ride from Sausalito to Tiburon. The ride takes you through some very affluent residential areas along the water and right into historic downtown Tiburon. The quaint town has a lovely main street lined with upscale boutiques and restaurants. After checking them out and treating myself to a post-bike ice cream, I headed back into the city on the ferry which provides you with an up-close view of Alcatraz.

When I got back to the pier, I spent some time watching my new friends flop around on top of each other and retaliate loudly.

Afterwards, I headed back to my hostel for a quick power nap. I continued to be exhausted and amazed by the steepness of the city; from what I know, the hills are as steep as the cost of living. By the end of Tuesday, my fitbit said I had climbed 200 flights of stairs!


I finished my day off having dinner at the Dropbox HQ with a friend that recently started working there. Unsurprisingly, the office is beautiful and there wasn’t a single employee that looked over 30. 3 catered meals a day is pretty much standard at all the tech companies in SF; I was able to choose from 5 different hot meal options and a full beer fridge. I decided on steak that was prepared by a chef right in front of me. It was really cool to hear what it is like working in the tech capital of the world and San Francisco in general.


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