Marvellous Mauritius

Our time in Mauritius was divided–we had 1 day before leaving for Madagascar and 3 days after. We arrived in Mauritius quite late at night and got in a cab towards a hotel we had booked on Expedia near the entrance of the national park I wanted to hike in the following day. As we got further into the journey, the cab driver got more and more concerned, as the hotel was much further than he expected and the route was getting more and more unfamiliar, rainy, and rough. Eventually we got 3km from the hotel when the google maps route brought us to the beginning of a washed out 4WD track. It became clear that the cab driver was not willing to take his new car up this road and we were not walking 3km in the rain at 11pm so we were forced to backtrack all the way back past the airport to a more accessible resort on the beach in Blue Bay. 

We woke up and explored the resort we had taken refuge in, after enjoying our first big American breakfast buffet in a long time. We spent all morning on the beach that looked out over the gorgeous turquoise blue bay.


Just 10 ft from the shore, the snorkelling was on par with some of the spots I went to at the Great Barrier Reef! It took us 2 drink orders with super long awkward waits for no bill to realize we were at an all inclusive, which certainly altered our consumption for the rest of the day. In the afternoon we went on the resort boat to the middle of the bay for more snorkelling and were again blown away by the sheer number of fish surrounding the boat the moment we hit the water. Though not underwater, the coolest thing I saw was a school of jumping fish, skipping 2 ft out of the water in synchro for more than 100m.


We snuck in a couple games of bocce ball over the course of the day after getting hooked in Rodrigues. I allowed Nick to win our best of 3 tournament so that he will continue to play with me in the future. As dinner was not yet served before our airport taxi was due, we had no choice but to indulge in the resort crepe bar for dinner–oops!


Returning to Mauritius after Madagascar was pure luxury. We arrived in the morning and headed straight for our beach villa to reunite with the family. The villa turned out to be unbelievably nice and perfectly situation on the beach in Trou-Aux-Biche, complete with a private pool!


We spent the afternoon in the sun and enjoying the beautiful villa. We walked on the beach into town for lunch; unfortunately I got sick from the fish I ate at lunch and had to sleep off the bug for the remainder of the day. All I can say is, better there than anywhere else we had stayed–I had the luxury of recovering in my to-die-for king size bed.


I woke up feeling better and we soaked in the last couple hours at our dream vacation home before our taxi arrived at 12 to take us to Curepipe. Nick’s grandfather lived in Mauritius for over 20 years before moving to Rodrigues and still has an apartment in Curepipe–one of the larger mainland towns on the island. The apartment itself is like a museum with loads of trinkets and antiques!


In the afternoon we explored the local market and then headed up to Trou-Aux-Cerfs, the local crater site. To me, what makes the landscape of Mauritius so beautiful and unique is the gorgeous green mountains all over the island. Despite being one of the most densely populated islands on earth for its size, the massive sugar cane fields still make the whole island very green and lush.


Nick’s cousins flew out early on our last day on the island and our flight was not until 1030PM so we had one last day to explore! It was finally time for me to get my redemption from Night 1 and visit my National Park. We did a 2 hour hike with a stope for picnic lunch at a nice river and continued on a scenic drive past Le Morne–a world renowned kitesurfing spot!


The next stop was Mauritius’ famous Chamarel Waterfall that has been all over my pinterest for ages. It was just as beautiful in real life!


Next door to the waterfall is the 7 Coloured Earth, which reminded me of Caledon badlands. The colours were created through the transition of basaltic acid to clay minerals.


And that marked the last hours of our incredible vacation. I can say with certainty that I will also be returning to Mauritius…with a diving license! I’m so thankful to have had such a good excuse to come to part of the world and spend it with such lovely company. Until next time!



3 thoughts on “Marvellous Mauritius

    • Hi! We stayed at a resort in Blue Bay for the first night, Trou-Aux-Beach Villas through a family friend for a night, and the last night in Curepipe with family. Blue Bay was nice but near to the airport so you have the noise of planes. Trou-Aux-Beach was quite nice but I’ve heard great things about Le Morne too!

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