Kicking it in Cabo

After a very hectic and stressful last couple months at work, I could hardly wait to get to Cabo and kick up my feet for a week. I met my mom, Jess, Sue, Casey, and her friends who had arrived a couple days earlier on NYE. I was greeted with a welcome margarita and all the discomfort of a twelve hour travel day was washed away. We dined at Panchos—one of our Mexican go-tos—for my first meal; following supper, the party animals of the group (Jess, myself, and ‘the moms’) went for a night on the town. We started at Happy Endings—a total hole-in-the-wall good for cheap drinks—where ‘the moms’ ran away from the jello shooter girl for the better party of our stay. We finished off the night at La Vaquita (the cow), an interesting newcomer to the Cabo nightlife scene; as the name suggests, it’s completely decked out in cow-themed décor including cow print walls and large hanging cows. Here, we danced the night away to some awesome throwbacks and, Sue’s favourite, Bollywood hits.


The first day consisted mostly of soaking in the sun, a long and competitive girls vs. boys beach volleyball game, and happy hour at Mango Deck—an iconic Cabo beach bar. We made fun of the guys we were playing against for wearing water shoes to protect from the hot and coarse sand; however, they got the last laugh when walking in the sand became unbearable for the next three days for us. We ate dinner in the marina area which, for future visits I would tend to avoid. Though it is a nice atmosphere, the food is generally over-priced and average in quality.


The next morning, I joined Casey and her Crossfit-crazed friends to work out at NorCal Crossfit’s new Cabo location. I convinced Jessica, and ‘the moms’ that we ought to head out to Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach to watch a perfect sunset from the Sky Pool. We enjoyed a delicious supper at The Bistro afterwards; at the end of our meal, a sales rep approached the table proposing enticing offers to attend a timeshare presentation the following day. Of course, I jumped at the chance to earn $400 resort credit and 2 whale watching tickets, even if it meant (attempting to) pose as a 30 year old—the minimum required age to attend the presentations. Sue—or “Zoo” as the sales rep pronounced it—signed up as well to boost the pot to $800!!


The following morning I put on my best “mom” outfit—flowy harem pants, Sue’s top, and my mom’s sunglasses—for my upcoming acting gig. We headed out to Pueblo Bonito where I was quickly denied access when my “I forgot my ID” excuse did not hold up. Sue stepped up and took one for the team and attended the presentation alone while we lounged by the resort pool and explored the private beach. The moms enjoyed massages with Sue’s winnings and we ate and drank away the rest of the credit.



We started the Evans’ last day off with breakfast at the Office—our longtime fav beach brunch. After our meal, we did some quick haggling with the beach vendors. Casey, Jess, and I got sunglasses and I relived my childhood by getting some braids because ‘When in Rome.’


Our last deal was with a water taxi operator to take us to Lovers Beach for the afternoon. The boat toured us around to the sea lions, Lands End, and the iconic El Arco. Once on Lovers Beach, we walked over to the other side—Divorce Beach—where Jessica and Sue soon had four iguanas perched on their body; I dodged this bullet by performing a tuck and roll down a nearby hill (running away and completely eating it).



The next morning we bid the Evans’ goodbye and prepared for our afternoon excursion to go whale-watching. While I was initially very excited about this, my excitement became clouded by fear as my mother bombarded me with information about a fatal freak accident the year prior, where a breaching whale landed on a boat of snorkelers in Cabo. I pushed on and took my seat in the small inflatable 20-person dingy—about 1/10 the size of a whale if I had to guess. We set out towards the Pacific side, going further and further from shore when we started to have whale sightings. We saw many tails and bodies grazing the surface, but the highlight of the tour was certainly the 360 degree breach we were able to witness. Though I was filled with anxiety the entire 2 hours (thanks Mom), seeing an animal of that size jump completely out of the water was a pretty amazing feat of nature to see. For dinner, we headed to another one of our Cabo favs—Salvatore’s—to indulge in their signature lasagna!

The following morning my mom and I set out to hike Mt. Solmar. I had done some research about the hike on tripadvisor; the consensus among reviewers was that it was a stunning hike and you better find this infamous “Enrique” to open the gate past some aggressive dogs. Sure enough, we followed the instructions and found Enrique at the gate of his dog compound. After some metaphysical rambling about the energy of the mountain, he assured us that the dogs were ‘in balance’ and wouldn’t hurt us (despite their rough appearance).


We followed him through the property, while 10-12 barking dogs ran and jumped around us and mom nearly cried, until we arrived at the base of the hike. One review I had read mentioned following a set of posts to the top and so we did. It turned out that we had definitely gone ‘off the beaten path’ and were forced to do some scrambling, which I didn’t mind. The amazing 360 view at the top made the trek totally worth it. The peak is the highest point in the chain of rock formations that leads to Land’s End, and it is possible to continue hiking all the way to Divorce Beach. Thankfully, a couple we met at the top helped show us to the actual trail for a much smoother descent.



That afternoon, our tanning session was interrupted by a sea turtle that came ashore to lay her eggs! I watched every minute of the nearly two hour ordeal, in which the turtle dug and abandoned two holes and, finally, laid 121 eggs on her third attempt. A conservationist was on the scene to collect the eggs and take them to a hatchery to prevent them from being crushed on the busy beach. The mother turtle’s return to the ocean after “burying her eggs” (which had already been removed) was heartwarming and met with cheers from a large audience of passersby. For dinner, my mom and I tried out a stellar newcomer to the Cabo restaurant scene, Roasted.


The following day, most of Casey’s friends headed back to NYC and just four of us remained. We worked on our tan for the better part of the day and Casey and I rekindled our tennis rivalry in the afternoon. I did some Yelp resto research and got us a reservation at a highly rated new restaurant Templo. It turned out to be a great find, as the food and service were amazing and the location was such that we never would have stumbled upon it. Casey’s NYC roomie departed the following morning and shortly after we set out on a walk up to Pedregral—a swanky gated community on the mountain with beautiful homes overlooking the ocean. A number of celebs are said to have homes in the hills of Pedregal and it was easy to see why. On our final evening, we celebrated Casey’s birthday at Peacocks—another one of our go-to restos that has stood the test of time (and Yelp).

On our final morning, we indulged in one last walk on the beach before an excruciating 24 hour journey home. I have been asked by my publisher to refrain from commenting any further on the matter, in an effort to protect my reputation as an author. All in all, a fantastic week in Cabo for some much needed R&R. Until next time, adios amigos!